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Leominster Attractions The lion gallery - The Lion Gallery was opened in 1995 in Leominster to provide a showcase for the best in contemporary craftwork and fine art from the region and has si Leominster War Memorial - The Leominster War Memorial in the gardens of St Peter and St Paul's Priory Church, Leominster. The war memorial, that commemorates the dead of two wo Grange Court - Leominster’s historic Grange Court stands on the edge of the priory gardens in the town centre. But this was not always the case. This carved black Stone Carvings on Leominster Priory - There is a wide selection of stone carvings, headstops, gargoyles, on Leominster Priory. I am unaware of the age of the red sandstone carvings. Th St Peter and St Pauls Priory Church - St Peter and St Paul's Priory Church Leominster is an historic church founded in medieval times. The most famous feature of the church is the Duck Green Lane Methodist Church - A very warm welcome to our Sunday services and all our other activities. The church at Green Lane was built and opened in 1839 and at that time was a Grove Golf & Bowl Centre - Herefordshire’s finest range of leisure facilities cleverly sculpted into the beautiful countryside. With 2 distinct golfing loops of nine holes, an Mousetrap Cheese - See our Little Herefordshire Cheese made traditionally by hand to the original Herefordshire recipe. Sample and purchase our cheeses and a range of ot Berrington Hall - Created as the perfect house in the perfect setting, Berrington Hall has many secrets for visitors to uncover. In this, one of Henry Holland's first h Ashwood Park Farm Riding Trail - With panoramic views over North West Herefordshire and South Shropshire, this circular bridleway caters for all horse riding abilities. Parking is Hampton Court Castle - Hampton Court, Herefordshire is a castle on the meadows of the river Lugg, backed by a steep wooded escarpment and surrounded by woodland and grounds Butford Organics - Butford Organics is an organic smallholding in Herefordshire specialising in cider, perry, pork and eggs. We are licensed by the Soil Association as b Croft Castle and Parkland - Home of the Croft family for nearly 1,000 years Croft Castle, a place of power, politics and pleasure, nestles in peaceful Herefordshire countryside a
Attractions near Leominster
The lion gallery
Leominster War Memorial
Grange Court
Stone Carvings on Leominster Priory
St Peter and St Pauls Priory Church
Green Lane Methodist Church
Grove Golf & Bowl Centre
Mousetrap Cheese
Berrington Hall
Ashwood Park Farm Riding Trail
Hampton Court Castle
Butford Organics
Croft Castle and Parkland
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