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Attractions near Bodewryd

Cefn Glass

Llanfechell War Memorial

Llanfechell Church

Llanfechell Stones

River Wygyr

Heritage Centre Tea Rooms

Bethel Congregational Chapel

Anglesey Coastal Path - Cemaes to Amlwch Port

Cemaes Bay Town Hall

Oriel Cemaes

Cemaes Lifeboat

Ye Olde Vigour Inn

Village Square Cemaes Bay Viewpoint


Traeth Mawr Beach

M.V Catfish Boat Trips

Cemaes Harbour

Cemaes Bay Harbour Viewpoint

Traeth Bach Beach

Llyn Alaw

Samson's Rock

Dog in a Boat in Cemaes Bay

Amlwch Leisure Centre

Cemaes Bay Viewpoint

Bull Bay Golf Club

Trwyn y Parc


Llanbadrig Bay

Dinas Gynfor Hillfort

Llanlleiana Porcelain Works

Bull Bay

Stone Font Llanbadrig Church

Llanbadrig Church

Ichthus Stone Llanbadrig

Parys Mountain

Patrick's Cave

Porth Llanlleiana

Llanbadrig Point

Llanlleiana Head

Bull Bay Beach

Cemaes Bay

Mon Drive In

Wylfa Sports & Social Club

Jon Shaw Fishing Trips

Middle Mouse

Wylfa Head

The Liverpool Arms

Wylfa Power Station Visitor Centre

Carmel Welsh Independent Chapel

Anglesey Coastal Path- Amlwch Port to Moelfre

Peniel Chapel

Port Amlwch Watch Tower

Amlwch Port

Julie Ann Sea Angling Charter Boat

Amlwch Copper Kingdom

Dance De L'eau Pleasure Boats

Seekat 'C' Charter Boat Trips

Cirrus Pleasure Boats

Kerry Kim Fishing Boat Trips

Amlwch to Point Lynas Walk, Dolphin Spotting

Y Bedol

Cemlyn Beach

Anglesey Cycle Path- Nico Circular Cycle Route

Llanrhuddlad Bethel-hen Calvinistic Methodist Chapel

Chough, Pyrrhocorax pyrrhocorax

Derimon Smokery

Twrcyhelun Arms

St Eilian's Well

Cemlyn Bay

Sea Thrift, Armeria Maritima

Porth Newydd Gully

Cemlyn Point

Llaneilian Church

Porthyrychen Cove

Beef Direct Limited

St Rhwydrys Church

Llynnon Mill

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